Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dear GOP: Screwing Ron Paul Screwed America

The GOP Really shot themselves in the foot by cheating Ron Paul out of the nomination and then spitting in the faces of 10's of millions of Ron Paul voters with this farce.


New FiveStar Notebook, Chemtrails, and Randomness

This is me talking about the new Green Fivestar notebook I got!  Wooo Hoo.  Also Chemtrails. Not so wooo hooo :(  Much love to anyone watching!


Fuzz Buzz the Cat gets his BATH!!

My cat Fuzz Buzz starts to get mad and do mean stuff if I do not give him a bath every other week.  He knows how many days 14 is and if I get in the Jacuzzi he will stare at me like its his turn next.