Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ron Paul: Im in this for Liberty

Everybody's upset about Rand Paul coming out for Mitt the Armpit but I didn't sign up for Rand and in a way I didn't sign up for Ron Paul either.  Even though I still believe this election will be won by Dr. Paul...  It wasn't the man I came here for...  I signed up for his message of constitutional limited government and individual liberty. Lets wait till Tampa to get out the pitchforks!


Ron Paul Revolution: Betrayed? STFU & STAND UP IN TAMPA!

I rolled out of bed today and was hearing this land is your land in my head. Had to figure out the chords as I played but I just sing a verse then get into the message. My hairs a mess, Rooms a mess, I haven't taken my bloodpressure meds yet. But its me for what its worth. How can you people who stood beside us and said we are in this to win it bash the only man with a pure voting record in 30 years? I thought we were in this together. FUCK HIS SON AND WHAT HE SAYS.. HE WAS ALWAYS A TEO-CON BASTARD!!! HE WILL NEVER BE HIS FATHER NOR GET MY VOTE. THE RNC NEEDS TO BE FLUSHED! LETS GO DO THIS!

I will not give up until Ron Paul goes home and says its over. I hope you all are with us still. Because its US who will change the USA and the WORLD!  - Much Love...  Will