Wednesday, February 21, 2018



Will Farrar

Musician - Artist - Information Technology Guru - Political Activist

Will Farrar was born in the nations capitol at the Women's Hospital.   Born to Mother Charlene Maria Anderson Farrar and William Henry Farrar Jr. he grew up in a home filled with the reverberations of great music filling his home.  A musical family Will's sister Sunday and mother Charlene played the Piano while her father Orville M Anderson was a skilled Tenor Banjoist and a self professed music scholar.   The other side of the family is just as musically talented. Will's father Bill plays the guitar and sings while his father William was a very accomplished and skilled guitar player. 

Will started to teach himself guitar after he graduated from high school and while moved away from home he started writing songs.   Soon after his grandfather had his first stroke he moved back home to live with the family and help take care of his grandfather Orville (Buster).   During the year of 2002 Will met his best friend and writing partner Mikee Jones ( at work and the two of them immediately started their first band Energy Field. ( together.   Energy Field was a Phish style jam band with influences ranging from Dylan to the Doors with a twist of new age lyrics written by Will.   Will went off on his own with what was left of his band after his best friend and co-founder of Energy Field passed away on Valentines day a few years back.  

Will still plays with drummer Nate Delesline and friends Gordy, Mike and Mike.  As of right now Will is currently working on his first LP Album called "Anti Gravity" or "Energy Field" depending on which he decides. 

Professionally Will is the Information Technology Director for a health company located on the East Coast of the United States where he works with Computers, Networks, Websites, and Software Programs.  At night he works on side projects and music while keeping Mikee's candle burning with friends and family who help him with the Mikee Jones Memorial Music Scholarship at Loyola University of New Orleans.  

Musically Will has played his guitar, harmonica and sang up and down the East Coast from Florida to New York as a solo artist, band member, and is very comfortable with a live crowd.  He plays the Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Keyboards and anything else he has been able to teach himself.  This allows him to work on his DEMO's and songs easily from his home studio in Salisibury, MD. 

Will has played in front of people up and down the East Coast and is much more comfortable playing for live audiences then creating CD's and recorded songs. "Anyone can sit at the computer and play a guitar solo 30 times until it is exactly how you want it.  There is nothing genuine about that, not inside me at least... I need to see someone from the stage and pin them down!  Even if its just one person, I want to make that one person think that they came there just to hear these songs that I write."  He continues.. "It's in the eyes.  I have to struggle to keep my eyes open because I want to escape into my own world and play to the crowd that way.  This was very hard at first.   Many shows I think I kept my eyes closed the entire show.  Since I started interacting with people I have learned to use my eyes more then I used to and really try to grab someones attention..  Like a telepathic unspoken connection that feeling is pure music and only a artist and a fan could understand the feeling.  It was never a fright thing,  We were fearless in those first two years.  The first show we played was on the University of Maryland radio show!  How is that for jumping on in.  That show was followed up by a 105 degree show in the Florida Keys at a venue that had no bathrooms because they were broken and the smell was just oozing out into the room... We sure did no how to wing it back then!"  Developing his own style Will has turned many people on to the music of Energy Field and Will Farrar & Friends.